We offer Private( individual) Cremation, as well as, providing transportation of your beloved pet to and from your place of residence, Veterinary Clinic, or Animal Hospital.

Private Cremation: Complete single cremation, consisting of only your loved one going thru the cremation process, and then returned to you, in a decorative Urn , with Hair clipping, and Certificate of Cremation, which includes an inked paw print of your loved one on the Certificate.

25 LBS:  $165.00

75 LBS:  $215.00

125 LBS: $255.00

Ultimate Pawprints 


         We offer the following services

  • Transportation from your vet or residence
    We are more than willing to transport your pet from a veterinary clinic or home. We can also meet you at our office location if you choose.
  • Provide Professional Guidance & Support
    We offer assistance with the arrangements following the passing of your pet. Our professional staff is available 24/7,and will provide caring and compassionate assistance, encouraging you to share memories of your pet, providing peace of mind during this difficult time.
  • Variety of urns and remembrance products
    Help honor your pet by assisting in the selection of a special pet casket, Urn, PAWPRINT, engraved brass plates, or other assorted keepsakes for memorialization.

  • In Home Pet Euthanasia PIP Partners with established and accredited Doctors, who are on call and can assist in your needs within a 24 hour period.
  • Local delivery of your pets cremains
    Your pets cremains will be available for pickup at our West Georgia office, or choice of delivery to your home or Veterinary clinic, with private or partitioned cremation services available.
  • Private Webpage
    Join us in honoring your pet's memory through our private "Eulogy" webpage, which includes photos and memories of your beloved pet.